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Fike's Product Capabilities

Rupture Disc Products


Rupture disc technology ranging from 70% operating ratio, to state-of -the-art 95% operating ratio, Fike can address all of your application requirements

Rupture Disc Holders


 Fike offers two types of pretorqueable holders, the “TQ+” and “TQ”. With this design, the TQ+ and TQ holder allow rupture discs to be installed and then “torqued” to recommended levels ensuring proper clamping of the rupture disc within the assembly. This can take place at a workbench rather than in the field where conditions could be less than ideal, greatly reducing the possibility of assembly errors. 

Explosion Vent Products


 Fike CV-S explosion vent is especially designed to provide non-fragmenting opening when protecting industrial process equipment. Round CV-S vents operate up to full vacuum levels depending on vent size. Rectangular CV-S vents are designed for use in applications where the operating pressure approaches the burst pressure, or where moderate vacuum pressure may exist. Typical applications include separation, drying, storage, conveyance, and processing operations. 

Flameless Venting


 Fike FlamQuench flameless vents are designed to protect people and equipment from flames and dust. The flame from the explosion is extinguished as it travels through several layers of heat absorbing stainless steel mesh, while dust screens retain a high percentage of particulate. This allows explosion venting to be utilized indoors or when the vent discharge path can be dangerous to personnel. 

Explosion Suppression


 Fike is the leader in delivering patented, innovative technologies to the explosion protection market. Effective management of dust and gas explosion risks requires an understanding of critical explosion characteristics. Determination and location of combustible atmospheres and potential ignition sources need to be identified. With over 65 years of field experience and a team of in-house engineers, application specialists and combustion researchers, the culmination of this expertise is Fike’s complete line of explosion protection products – technology designed to help you achieve your safety goals AND keep you in compliance with the quickly changing codes, standards and regulations associated with the explosion protection industry. 

Explosion Isolation


Fike is the leader in explosion isolation technology.  Isolation is the protection method that prevents the deflagration from reaching other areas through interconnected process ducts or pipes. Isolation is employed to compliment both venting and suppression explosion protection methods. Fike offers five different isolation technologies, and we can guide you through the selection process for your particular application.  A deflagration should always be prevented from propagating to other parts of the facility.