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Valve Positioners

Valve Communication

PMV P-5 PMV EP-5 PMV D3 Digital Positioner Eckardt 991 Smart Positioner

Technical Brochure

Technical Brochure

Technical Brochure

Technical Brochure

The foundation of the PMV Valve Control System is the PMV P5 pneumatic positioner. Performance of this unit has been enhanced with the special high gain / high capacity spool valve assembly providing very quick and accurate actuator/valve response. For single or double acting application, this new modular design allows for the simple addition of I/P converters and/or a feedback unit with a variety of feedback options. Other features include: Gauge ports, stainless steel cam with a simple cam locking device, tapped exhaust port for venting of supply media, external zero adjustment, and completely sealed cover.

The EP5 electro-pneumatic positioner is adapted from the PMV P-5 pneumatic positioner. This compact and sturdy unit is designed for maximum performance in all types of environments. The EP-5 is available in Standard, Intrinsically Safe and Explosion Proof versions. A modular feedback unit F5 allows for the addition of limit switches and/or position transmitters, without additional mounting brackets. Other features include: replaceable filter, gauge ports, dampers, tapped exhaust port for venting of supply media, external zero adjustment and completely sealed cover.

PMV's D3 is a digital positioner where high air delivery capacity is combined with low air consumption. It suits both linear and rotary actuators, single or double acting. A keypad with 5 keys and a large graphic display make the D3 simple to configure and adjust. The pneumatic relay consists of piezo electric valves and is made of thermoplastic to offer high corrosion resistance. The D3 offers an easily accessible built in replaceable filter which is provided to offer durability together with a sealed compartment for the electrical terminals. The D3 is available with HART and Profibus protocols.
The Eckardt POSYS Series SRD991 intelligent digital positioner operates pneumatic valve actuators from control systems and electronic controllers with your choice of protocols -- HART, FoxCom, FOUNDATION fieldbus H1, or PROFIBUS-PA. It also provides automatic valve adaptation and easy startup, improved control performance, reduced maintenance costs, and multiple built-in options.

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