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Within these linked pages you will find both graphics as well as technical brochures on our products.  Please contact our Customer Service Department for a quotation today!


From process monitoring of your PH levels, to monitoring the position of the valves in your system, Forgy Process Instruments can assist with all of that and everything in between...

Level & Flow:

Beginning with displacer level technology, to two-wire radar, and ending with wireless level control, we can add value to any tank or vessel you need to monitor.

        Flow measurement capabilities for our Customers range from simple precision turbine meters
        for liquids & gas, to ultrasonic transit-time & doppler technology.
Valve Packages:

Metal or Teflon lined Ball valves, rubber seated, Teflon lined, or high-performance butterfly valves, knife gate valves, eccentric plug valves, control valves, & regulators, we do it all.  Our team specializes in the Automation of any and all of these products.

Pressure Relief Capabilities:

This is a core business focus for our organization.  Rupture discs, relief valves, explosion vents, conservation vents & flame arresters, just to get started.  We can size these for you, or provide the software to you free-of-charge.

        Ask about our on-site Lunch & Learn Seminar format to assist in training your team.
Indicating Devices:

Pressure & temperature indicating devices such as gauges and thermometers, to switches, to transducers with 4-20 milliamp output, we can do it. Give our team a try.




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