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Rupture Discs

Explosion Vents

For your plants pressure relief requirements, our selection of rupture discs can address any and all of your application specifics, from cost effective 70% operating ratio discs, to 95% high-performance designs.  Click Here for Application knowns.  Click Here for Sizing Knowns.

Fike Axius-SC

Fike Axius-BT Fike SRL Fike SRX Fike Poly-SD
The Axius-SC rupture disc design has a 95% operating reatio, and provides the smoothest, indentation-free surface of any low-pressure rupture disc available. Optimized for clean-in-place, steam-in-place applications, Fike's Axius-SC rupture discs are specifically designed to meet the stringent sanitary and aseptic requirements of the Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage industries.

The patented Axius is a reverse-acting, 95% operating ratio rupture disc, which boasts many new innovations in rupture disc technology. Utilizing

Fike’s new G2 design and manufacturing technology, this rupture disc is the first of its kind to be manufactured without hard-tooling. Through the application of G2 technology, the Axius rupture disc has a unique “line of weakness” on the dome of the disc instead of a score line.

Without stress zones that can fatigue, Axius provides unsurpassed cycling capability. There are no tool marks, dimples, or indentations on the process side of the disc making Axius the only 95% operating ratio disc with a completely smooth surface, preventing accumulation of process media.


The Fike SRL rupture disc is reverse-bulged and perimeter-scored to facilitate opening without knifeblades. For convenience, the SRL is designed as a single membrane, one-piece rupture disc and is offered at lower pressure capabilities than many rupture discs. SRL rupture discs can be used in a wide range of demanding applications including liquid, vapor, two phase flow and the isolation of safety relief valves. The Fike SRX rupture has many high performance characteristics that make it ideal for demanding applications such as the isolation of pressure relief valves. In addition, the SRX has superior service life in heavy pulsating and cyclic duty and perform reliably under less than ideal installation conditions. The Fike Poly SD rupture disc is one of the most versatile discs available on the market. The Poly SD can be used in liquid, vapor and two phase flow, responds well in pulsating and cyclic environments and is available in a large variety of materials. The patented, smooth design of this rupture disc (free from ledges or crevices preventing material buildup on the disc), also makes the Poly SD ideal for polymerization processes. In addition, the non-fragmenting Poly SD rupture disc is well suited for pressure relief valve isolation from process contaminants and corrosion.
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Fike SRH Fike HOV Fike Graphite Discs
The Fike versatile SR-H's hygienic / sanitary design makes it easy to clean (without removing the disc!), and no special rupture disc holder is necessary. That's convenience. Unlike many other sanitary rupture discs, the versatile SR-H can be used in either gas or liquid applications. And the non-fragmenting feature of the SR-H rupture disc, makes this the ideal solution for protecting pressure relief valves in sanitary applications. The Fike HO/HOV line of rupture discs is an economical choice when a scored rupture disc is not necessary. With a Teflon seal, this rupture disc also becomes a cost-effective, corrosion resistant, low pressure solution. Fike Graphite rupture discs are made from an resin-impregnated graphite and offer excellent corrosion resistance (except Flourine) from process media, and can reach lower burst pressures than many metal rupture discs. In addition the graphite discs mount directly between companion flanges, eliminating the need for holders!
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Fike Atlas-BT Fike Atlas Holder      

The ATLAS product line uses the innovative and patented G2manufacturing technology. It offers higher pressure capabilities while benefitting from processes that eliminate high stress concentrations in the “line of weakness” seen in traditional scored disc products. Premium performance comes standard with a 95% operating ratio, multiple material options, back pressure resistance and unrivaled cycling capability.


Fike’s ATLAS rupture disc holder is specifically designed to ensure high performance at the high pressures the ATLAS rupture disc can achieve.

It consists of a base (inlet) and a holddown (outlet). The holddown design optimizes disc performance. The ATLAS holder is an insert type holder and fits directly between most standard companion flange bolt circle configurations. SST sideclips are provided for holder pre-assembly.


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